Women of Web 2.0 #1

Women of Web 2.0.1

October 19, 2006

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This is audio from the debut episode of Women of Web 2.0 .  Join Vicki Davis, Cheryl Oakes, Sharon Peters, and Jennifer Wagner as we introduce Women of Web 2.0 . This will be an ongoing conversation beginning Nov. 7, 2006 9pmEST (global times)

Women of Web 2.0.1

October 19, 2006

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This is audio from the debut episode of Women of Web 2.0 .  Join Vicki Davis, Cheryl Oakes, Sharon Peters, and Jennifer Wagner as we introduce Women of Web 2.0 . This will be an ongoing conversation beginning Nov. 7, 2006 9pmEST (global times)

15:30:41 JenniferW: we need some help with skypecast if anyone can help

15:34:27 JL: ON my way

15:51:31 JL: we’re muted

15:53:37 Cathy_Evanoff: When I go to join this skypecast it is dialed women of the web 20

15:55:23 JenniferW: Hi Everone

15:55:26 JenniferW: Everyone

15:56:11 sharon_(wow2): Hi Reuven!

15:56:25 reuw: hi

15:56:26 sharon_(wow2): Reuven is a good friend and collaborative partner from Israel

15:57:13 reuw: the sound is a bit choppy here!

15:57:22 sharon_(wow2): Skype has been acting up a bit

15:59:15 sharon_(wow2): https://skypecasts.skype.com/skypecasts/skypecast/detailed.html?id_talk=45147

16:00:00 sharon_(wow2): https://skypecasts.skype.com/skypecasts/skypecast/detailed.html?id_talk=45147

16:00:26 sharon_(wow2): I am going to keep dropping the skypecast address throughout the show for those who join us …

16:00:55 sharon_(wow2): https://skypecasts.skype.com/skypecasts/skypecast/detailed.html?id_talk=45147

16:01:16 sroseman: Hi Jen

16:02:16 alicebarr: Cheryl do you want me to record?

16:02:43 cheryloakes_wow2: yes please alice thanks:-)

16:03:02 sharon_(wow2): https://skypecasts.skype.com/skypecasts/skypecast/detailed.html?id_talk=45147

16:03:25 sharon_(wow2): Hi everyone – pass on your questions to me!

16:03:46 dave: What is the highest number divisible by 2?

16:04:10 sharon_(wow2): :/

16:04:13 dave: friend of wow

16:04:21 dave: I’m a friend of wow too

16:04:28 sharon_(wow2): he is an honourable friend of wow

16:04:28 sroseman: Good luck to the 4 of you!

16:04:31 cheryloakes_wow2: back channel at his best

16:04:33 sharon_(wow2): thanks!

16:04:41 dave: this is great everyone

16:04:44 sharon_(wow2): https://skypecasts.skype.com/skypecasts/skypecast/detailed.html?id_talk=45147

16:05:14 cheryloakes_wow2: thanks sue

16:06:31 cheryloakes_wow2: Here is the website http://www.womenofweb2.com/index.htm

16:06:57 sroseman: Thanks Cheryl

16:08:23 sharon_(wow2): Great job Jen!

16:08:28 sharon_(wow2): YOu sound great Vicki!

16:08:31 dave: agreed

16:08:33 cheryloakes_wow2: yahoo great start

16:08:50 dave: yay webcasting!

16:08:59 Cathy_Evanoff: It will help if you add the links that are mentioned

16:09:28 JenniferW: sure —

16:09:36 JenniferW: http://www.technospud.com

16:10:05 Cathy_Evanoff: http://coolcatteacher.blogspot.com/

16:10:06 coolcatteacher: http://coolcatteacher.blogspot.com

16:10:28 dave: yay canada

16:10:48 cheryloakes_wow2: your sound is great, good new mic

16:11:43 reuw: if my wife would have waited for an email date, she’d still be waiting!

16:11:49 JenniferW: http://www.mtl-peters.net/blog/

16:11:53 JenniferW: Sharon’s blog

16:12:08 sroseman: I am from Ottawa, Ontario

16:12:22 sroseman: Yahoo

16:12:25 cheryloakes_wow2: yeah susanr

16:12:27 Emma: I’m from Portsmouth, UK.

16:12:28 sroseman: Canada too

16:12:42 cheryloakes_wow2: welcome emma, you blogged about us

16:12:46 Emma: Yep.

16:12:47 reuw: http://gvc03c34.virtualclassroom.org/index.htm

16:12:56 sroseman: Jen..reminder your my special guest on TappedIn

16:12:59 JenniferW: Emma is a WOW2 !!! As is Cathy

16:13:02 sroseman: see the calendar As a Tapped In member, you may bring K-12 students into Tapped In

16:13:13 JenniferW: Hi Susan!!!

16:13:22 sroseman: sorry here is the link

16:13:24 sroseman: http://tappedin.org/tappedin/do/CalendarAction?

16:13:46 sroseman: you can update us on WOW2 as well

16:13:47 sharon_(wow2): http://www.mtl-peters.net/moodle06/

16:13:59 sharon_(wow2): http://www.virtualclassroom.org/contest/2A_0.html

16:14:00 sroseman: born in Montreal

16:14:02 JenniferW: http://www.womenofweb2.com

16:14:07 dave: yay bob sprankle

16:14:13 sharon_(wow2): http://nicenet.org/

16:14:15 reuw: there are advantages to cross gender collaboration! 🙂 🙂

16:14:25 sharon_(wow2): yes, you betcha!

16:14:39 dave: http://bobsprankle.com/welcome/welcome.html

16:14:56 sroseman: love her title

16:15:28 cheryloakes_wow2: http://www.cheryloakes.com

16:15:29 sharon_(wow2): collaborative content coach

16:15:39 cheryloakes_wow2: of technology

16:16:30 coolcatteacher: Westwood Wiki http://westwood.wikispaces.com

16:16:34 sharon_(wow2): the formatting of her wikis is mind-boggling

16:17:46 cheryloakes_wow2: hi jason

16:17:54 sharon_(wow2): http://nicenet.org/

16:17:55 JasonR: Greetings

16:18:09 Emma: Here’s my blog then, http://www.tech.port.ac.uk/staffweb/duke-wie/blog/

16:18:11 sharon_(wow2): http://k12onlineconference.org/

16:18:28 sharon_(wow2): join us in skype – https://skypecasts.skype.com/skypecasts/skypecast/detailed.html?id_talk=45147

16:18:30 cheryloakes_wow2: sign up for this conference

16:19:32 JenniferW: http://theincrediblejourney.wikispaces.com/

16:20:34 coolcatteacher: Go to http://westwood.wikispaces.com/Chapter+1+-+Security+and+Privacy and look at some of the pages. The 10th graders have done a great job! We are beginning digital story tellers but it is a good start.

16:21:10 sharon_(wow2): https://skypecasts.skype.com/skypecasts/skypecast/detailed.html?id_talk=45147

16:21:20 cheryloakes_wow2: http://coakesweb2.blogspot.com/

16:21:40 Emma: There seems to be an echo, one that wasn’t there before – is that just me, or have others got the same problem. ?

16:21:52 cheryloakes_wow2: i don’t hear an echo

16:21:57 sharon_(wow2): http://personallearningspace.com/

16:21:59 coolcatteacher: I don’t hear it but if your mike and your speakers are in close proximity you will get an echo.

16:22:01 JenniferW: I am not hearing it — Emma — but they will check on it

16:22:41 cheryloakes_wow2: What a great way to motivate students to write

16:23:32 Emma: I think that it was when I clicked the Skypecast button – guess that was just giving me two streams! I’ve closed it.

16:23:49 paradox66: One thing i have noticed to is to show visiting statistic is a good motivator

16:23:50 cheryloakes_wow2: good troubleshooting

16:24:14 cheryloakes_wow2: oh, using a map to keep track of your visitors is a great thing too

16:24:25 sharon_(wow2): http://communitywalk.com/map/17934

16:25:23 paradox66: Community walk is great tool…using media and tagging the map

16:25:34 paradox66: one can use video and pictures in it

16:26:07 coolcatteacher: I use statcounter www.statcounter.com

16:27:21 cheryloakes_wow2: thanks for joining us it is all about the conversation

16:27:23 sharon_(wow2): just to hype the K-12 online conference agenda – http://k12onlineconference.org/docs/k12online06-agenda.html

16:27:49 cheryloakes_wow2: There are 20 people in the chat!

16:27:51 sharon_(wow2): it is the power of the web that we can learn from the web and each other

16:28:24 sharon_(wow2): https://skypecasts.skype.com/skypecasts/skypecast/detailed.html?id_talk=45147

16:28:48 sharon_(wow2): please join us in the skypecast

16:30:28 cheryloakes_wow2: Thanks for being part of the conversation

16:32:49 cheryloakes_wow2: Blogging at elementary level can start with Think.com

16:32:54 paradox66: a good tip now is to use google reader to read blogs

16:33:09 coolcatteacher: I use think.com over the summers.

16:33:10 sharon_(wow2): yes google reader rocks – I use it too

16:34:00 Cathy_Evanoff: What about keyboarding for elementary kids- that is my biggest brick wall

16:34:13 coolcatteacher: It is so important!

16:34:21 coolcatteacher: We need to do another skypecast on that one!

16:34:32 Emma: Undergrads aren’t great at typing either 😉

16:34:54 coolcatteacher: They wonder why I’m so prolific at blogging. I type 128 words per minute. My class average in 8th grade is 62 words per minute.

16:34:57 cheryloakes_wow2: keyboarding at elementary , there are many online typing, but type to learn is good and tracks improvements.

16:35:21 cheryloakes_wow2: IM, chats will boost typing speed. blogging for others too

16:36:01 dave: type type type

16:36:12 sharon_(wow2): IM chats are revolutionary for creating keyboarding skills

16:36:20 paradox66: yes IM and chats boost typing. And children learns this fast…one need to show the fingersettings and they learn themself

16:36:23 sharon_(wow2): not necessarily the right way!

16:36:52 sharon_(wow2): I thought the research shows that grades 4-6 are best for teaching keyboarding

16:37:15 Cathy_Evanoff: I’m teaching it this year in 2nd grade

16:37:33 Cathy_Evanoff: I teach K-5

16:37:44 coolcatteacher: http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2006/08/21/AR2006082101508.html

16:37:47 sroseman: grade 2 is a good starting point

16:37:47 cheryloakes_wow2: at 2nd grade I have them practice being a detective and type the ABCs

16:37:51 paradox66: btw there is a brick wall making people TALK…writing is second nature online but it seems there is harder to make them talk

16:37:52 dave: i’m guessing that the research is going to change

16:37:57 dave: or reality is going to change

16:38:40 dawn: is the focus of the group mostly on k-12 issues?

16:38:47 paradox66: There is virtual keyboards that suggest words…

16:39:00 paradox66: this could be a way to go with small children

16:39:11 sroseman: in a game format for Grade 2

16:39:16 susanvg: I know someone who teaches online courses and the students prefer to chat than talk onlin.

16:39:42 Emma: by “chat” do you mean type, as opposed to “talk” with their voices?

16:39:43 dave: and the secret service

16:39:47 dave: they watch your blogs too

16:39:58 dave: http://davecormier.com/edblog/?p=82

16:40:00 paradox66: http://www.lakefolks.org/cnt/

16:40:03 dave: check this out!!!!

16:40:14 cheryloakes_wow2: chat with typing

16:40:16 dave: http://sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/n/a/2006/10/13/state/n173002D95.DTL

16:40:20 dave: here’s the direct post

16:40:31 dave: 14 years old!

16:40:33 cheryloakes_wow2: Emma, chat in IM, and typing.

16:40:42 susanvg: yes – type messages rather than use their voices

16:40:45 dave: they sent the secret service after her

16:41:01 sharon_(wow2): http://www.educause.edu/LibraryDetailPage/666?ID=ELI3007

16:41:08 coolcatteacher: http://westwood.wikispaces.com/Student+Opinions+of+Social+Networking

16:41:25 dave: agreed… we are more visible… and parents aren’t in a position (in many cases)

16:41:33 JasonR: Ask Mark Foley about the privacy of IM

16:41:40 dave: to teach them ‘the right way’

16:42:15 alicebarr: Is it possible to have all these links in your show notes?

16:42:25 coolcatteacher: yes, we’ll work on that.

16:42:34 cheryloakes_wow2: yes alice they will be on the wiki as show notes.

16:43:06 paradox66: Vaestro can also be a way to come past small children to write…they can talk instead…

16:43:07 paradox66: http://vaestro.com/

16:43:17 JL: Will send the WOW team a copy of the chat transcript after the show

16:43:21 sharon_(wow2): wow thanks for sharing that!

16:43:41 cheryloakes_wow2: thanks JL

16:45:14 Cathy_Evanoff: You gals have done a great job :0

16:45:45 cheryloakes_wow2: Thanks! for vaestro

16:45:55 paradox66: we need to learn children safety on the net as same as safety in traffic

16:46:00 Emma: Typing … I know that it’s not taught by default in the UK, that’s one problem that we have at Uni, they’ve not all learnt at school. however, I just found a great one on the BBC … http://www.bbc.co.uk/schools/typing/levels/level1.shtml

16:46:15 coolcatteacher: Typing is a huge issue!

16:46:19 alicebarr: Graet job gals!

16:46:29 cheryloakes_wow2: thanks for that Emma, very interesting.

16:46:32 dawn: Does the group, Women of Web 2.0, deal mostly with k-12 technology issues?

16:46:36 dave: trans global

16:46:39 dave: universal

16:46:49 sroseman: build net safety into your media awarensss programme http://www.media-awareness.ca/english/index.cfm

16:46:51 dave: as opposed to k-20?

16:46:54 Doug: Great job on the show–sorry I missed the beginning, but what I caught was really good

16:47:01 sharon_(wow2): we promote best practice skills

16:47:11 cheryloakes_wow2: thanks doug, bet it feels good to be on the other side

16:47:14 dave: or k-16?

16:47:25 dave: pre k-20+

16:47:26 JL: or perhaps as opposed to non-education stuff

16:47:45 dave: pre k-20+/37-4*2

16:47:56 cheryloakes_wow2: great Dave!

16:48:00 coolcatteacher: k- RIP

16:48:02 dave: it’s owned by tim o’reilly

16:48:06 dave: 2.0

16:48:15 dave: oh no… i said it again

16:48:21 cheryloakes_wow2: We can have 2.1,

16:48:57 susanvg: I like 2.1eh (very Canadian)

16:48:58 sroseman: that covers the gamut

16:49:00 paradox66: web 2.0 isnt anything new…i have been 2.0 since 1998 then..lol

16:49:22 dawn: do any of you use vlodcasts or YouTube in your classrooms?

16:49:37 sharon_(wow2): I only use youtube to show videos

16:49:37 cheryloakes_wow2: I use Bubbleshare in my classes

16:49:41 Cathy_Evanoff: You Tube is blocked in my school 🙁

16:49:45 sharon_(wow2): some educational, some for fun

16:49:49 cheryloakes_wow2: try bubbleshare cathy

16:49:49 dawn: no, I work in the university environment and wanted to know if I would have a reason to be in the group

16:50:05 Emma: Google video lets you have bigger videos 😉

16:50:11 paradox66: the developing of internet has been coninously

16:50:14 cheryloakes_wow2: Dawn, you should be part of this, web 2.0 it transends all ages.

16:50:31 Emma: Dawn: I too work in a University – with Final year undergrads & postgrads mostly.

16:50:51 paradox66: what is new is that broadband has been making new media on the net

16:51:21 sroseman: Tappedin is web 2.0 I have been using it since 1999

16:51:22 cheryloakes_wow2: Hi Sus

16:51:27 SusNyrop_Denmark: HI!!

16:51:38 JenniferW: Sus is a Wow 2

16:51:41 dave: ISTE person said that she was willing to bring student

16:51:43 SusNyrop_Denmark: I had a problem gettinh into the chatroom, here I am

16:51:50 dave: video/audio about DOPA to capitol hill

16:51:50 sharon_(wow2): http://www.mtl-peters.net/friedman.mp3

16:51:54 SusNyrop_Denmark: am I?

16:51:54 dave: anyone have any?

16:52:14 cheryloakes_wow2: you made is Sus!

16:52:16 sharon_(wow2): interview with a student about friedman’s world is flat

16:52:22 SusNyrop_Denmark: page has been removed, duh

16:52:30 dave: something supporting collaborative tools

16:52:33 paradox66: This is in swedish but i got this nice idea about using audacity to make canon singning

16:52:37 paradox66: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yi2RRtPQv6Q&eurl=

16:52:46 SusNyrop_Denmark: Hejsan Bengt!

16:52:48 paradox66: Here is the songhttp://peko.se/blogg//wp-content/uploads/own/kanonjakob.mp3

16:52:52 paradox66: Hej Sus

16:52:57 paradox66: http://peko.se/blogg//wp-content/uploads/own/kanonjakob.mp3

16:52:57 sroseman: youtube and the Smartboard is a good match

16:53:08 sharon_(wow2): yes I agree about youtube and smartboard

16:53:17 SusNyrop_Denmark: It is quite thought provoking wh

16:53:23 dawn: google documents and spreadsheets

16:53:33 SusNyrop_Denmark: with all these new tools that are merging

16:53:34 paradox66: Well you can use internet archive

16:53:43 coolcatteacher: What an atrocious name.

16:53:45 paradox66: to present video on the internet

16:53:49 coolcatteacher: The marketing person took a nap on that one!

16:53:51 sharon_(wow2): yes Internet archive – archive.org is great too

16:54:05 paradox66: http://www.archive.org/index.php

16:54:25 dave: SUS!!!

16:54:29 dave: we love sus

16:54:51 cheryloakes_wow2: We hear you! SUS

16:55:03 paradox66: I know Sus

16:55:05 sroseman: find a video that links with your lesson plan

16:55:40 sroseman: also google for educators

16:55:43 sroseman: http://www.google.com/educators/index.html

16:56:29 sharon_(wow2): http://www.google.com/literacy/

16:56:43 paradox66: english is quite global now

16:56:45 sharon_(wow2): another google initiative (via Reuven WErber – thanks again for that!)

16:57:02 dave: thus far… i’ve only seen silly tranlations

16:57:10 dave: they are funny however

16:57:41 coolcatteacher: It drove me crazy that a blogger wrote about me in Swahili and I couldn’t translate it.

16:57:43 paradox66: well not the chineese

16:57:51 paradox66: but most people

16:57:54 Emma: Auto-translations … I’ve never seen any good tools for doing it yet! As dave says they’re often funny!

16:58:26 Doug: here’s a link for those who want to download videos from youtube/google video and such

16:58:28 Doug: http://digg.com/software/Download_videos_from_Youtube,_Google_Video_and_iFilm_directly_

16:58:37 cheryloakes_wow2: thanks doug

16:58:41 paradox66: Btw maybe some young kids should contribute to this

16:58:42 paradox66: http://timecapsule.yahoo.com/capsule.php

16:58:54 cheryloakes_wow2: thanks, we will check it out.

16:59:16 dave: yay! post show!

16:59:21 JL: When will you been on next?

16:59:24 coolcatteacher: What is the post show?

16:59:27 Doug: woohooo post shows rock!

16:59:28 JL: our favorite part too

16:59:35 coolcatteacher: I’m a newbie!

16:59:42 dave: post show is the same as the actual show

16:59:42 sharon_(wow2): when do we meet again – the question was asked…

16:59:45 dave: except after

16:59:54 dave: 🙂

17:00:08 dave: we don’t worry so much about the audio

17:00:12 dave: more conversation

17:00:13 dave: al

17:00:23 dave: we sort of let it lead wherever

17:00:28 dave: sometimes its awesome

17:00:31 dave: sometimes its very short

17:00:58 cheryloakes_wow2: You can tune into future webcasts for Women of web 2.0 on Tuesdays at 9 PM EST, or 1AM GMT beginning November 7th, 2006!! Come back.

17:01:29 dave: allowing!

17:01:31 dave: we’re honored!

17:01:32 JL: How about a special Halloween edition woooooooh!

17:01:49 dave: and I’m honoured

17:02:04 dave: boo

17:02:09 Emma: 1am GMT …. that’s way too late!

17:02:16 sroseman: Why not focus on a particular web 2.0 tool for future sessions ..like pageflakes and or Second Life.

17:02:29 sharon_(wow2): not a bad idea

17:02:43 sharon_(wow2): definitely keep requests coming!!

17:02:47 dave: post show

17:02:52 dave: post show

17:02:57 sharon_(wow2): yay post show

17:02:59 sroseman: greaat chat

17:03:04 sroseman: great

17:03:05 sharon_(wow2): where we can razz Dave publicly and vocally

17:03:06 cheryloakes_wow2: Oh, SL would be fun, but it also might limit our audience. But we will move there I am sure

17:03:07 dawn: thank you

17:03:14 Emma: Why does DAve keep saying “post show”? It’s a phrase I’m not sure about.

17:03:20 dave: dave razzing is… nice?

17:03:20 sroseman: eastern time???

17:03:23 SusNyrop_Denmark: congratulations with all your work projects!!

17:03:39 SusNyrop_Denmark: you ARE on air

17:03:43 JL: you are on air, you just pretend you aren’t

17:03:54 SusNyrop_Denmark: and I just love your laughing

17:03:55 coolcatteacher: NOt recorded. Off the record.

17:04:01 SusNyrop_Denmark: aaahhh

17:04:03 coolcatteacher: Whose laughing?

17:04:07 dave: oh no. post shows are recorded

17:04:17 dave: 🙂

17:04:26 cheryloakes_wow2: Hey bob, join in

17:04:26 SusNyrop_Denmark: and that’s why post shows are double fun!

17:04:27 JL: stay tuned for our Worldbridges Blooper show

17:04:29 Emma: THanks!

17:04:37 dave: I’m TALKING

17:04:37 bobs: great show!!!!

17:04:44 JL: Dave’

17:04:45 paradox66: 😉

17:04:53 cheryloakes_wow2: thanks bob, it was fun!

17:05:01 sroseman: you need some music

17:05:10 SusNyrop_Denmark: can they sing!

17:05:15 cheryloakes_wow2: we could sing

17:05:19 JenM: Hey, he’s not an EdChick!

17:05:20 bobs: lol

17:05:27 Emma: THanks – it was good! Not sure I’ll be able to make the regular sessions – as 1am is kind of late for me! (and I guess Sus toO)

17:05:28 Doug: too funny

17:05:37 coolcatteacher: WE will record it and podcast it.

17:05:42 cheryloakes_wow2: but we will have the recordings for yo u after

17:05:42 Emma: Good!

17:06:16 cheryloakes_wow2: Thanks for all your comments

17:06:57 sroseman: O Canada

17:07:11 SusNyrop_Denmark: my granny was called Emma, sweet old name

17:07:36 dave: my home and native land

17:07:48 sroseman: true patriot love

17:07:55 sharon_(wow2): http://k12onlineconference.org/docs/k12online06-agenda.html

17:07:56 dave: 🙁

17:08:02 coolcatteacher: http://k12onlineconference.org/

17:08:09 paradox66: hmm link to skypecast?

17:08:12 dave: ton front est sain

17:08:28 sharon_(wow2): O Canada terre des nos ayeux

17:08:35 JL: https://skypecasts.skype.com/skypecasts/skypecast/detailed.html?id_talk=45147

17:08:42 dave: http://www.pch.gc.ca/progs/cpsc-ccsp/sc-cs/anthem_e.cfm

17:09:01 paradox66: password?

17:09:03 coolcatteacher: Bye y’all!

17:09:04 JL: http://trustineducation.net

17:09:20 SusNyrop_Denmark: This is fun to listen to indeed, crazy Canadians

17:09:31 paradox66: nevermind

17:09:32 dave: LOL

17:09:48 sharon_(wow2): glad to know that you like we crazy Canucks

17:10:04 sroseman: one day in English ..next day in French

17:10:17 Doug: crazy and canuck are synonyms, aren’t they?

17:10:21 sroseman: that’s the way we start our classes

17:10:27 SusNyrop_Denmark: second life was scary!

17:10:41 SusNyrop_Denmark: I felt totally lost and I was stiff most of the time

17:10:49 sroseman: I got lost in Second Life

17:10:53 alicebarr: I had trouble flying

17:10:58 bobs: hi alice!

17:11:04 alicebarr: Hi bob!

17:11:07 SusNyrop_Denmark: I guess I need to practise navigation with a joystick

17:11:08 cheryloakes_wow2: I fly just fine, but I fall from the sky andhit the ground

17:11:18 bobs: i like falling 🙂

17:11:21 sroseman: Second Life is interfering with Real Life

17:11:25 SusNyrop_Denmark: I could fly a bit, but going nowhere specific

17:11:26 alicebarr: doesn’t hurt!

17:11:37 sroseman: It was a wow session this morning

17:11:52 cheryloakes_wow2: It was incredible this morning with Webheads, I agree

17:12:02 sroseman: Crazy Canucks

17:12:15 sroseman: It is addictive definitely

17:12:25 SusNyrop_Denmark: Tell me what was so incredible with the webheads session in SL -I just saw the backs of silent avatars

17:12:35 bobs: moos and muds

17:12:52 SusNyrop_Denmark: I could not go into the room where people were gathring, so it was extremely un-interactive for me

17:12:52 sharon_(wow2): mushes and muds

17:12:58 sharon_(wow2): multi-user shells

17:13:00 cheryloakes_wow2: It was great to hear Gavin and his ideas for presentation in the amphitheater

17:13:00 Cathy_Evanoff: I missed the webheads- I really wanted to be there

17:13:04 sharon_(wow2): via telnet

17:13:15 SusNyrop_Denmark: could you HEAR anything?

17:13:27 JenM: Bye, “fellow” EdChicks. I crack myself up 🙂

17:13:36 JenM: great job! see ya later gators

17:13:39 cheryloakes_wow2: I was in SKYPE so we were talking, audio and chatting

17:13:40 sharon_(wow2): bye thanks for joining us

17:13:51 SusNyrop_Denmark: sometimes those avatars were naked but they took on their clothes as soon as I came closer

17:13:52 Cathy_Evanoff: Great fun 🙂

17:13:54 cheryloakes_wow2: Thanks for all of the great comments, quesitons and links.

17:13:58 sroseman: interesting article in the Economist http://www.economist.com/science/displaystory.cfm?story_id=7963538

17:14:09 sharon_(wow2): thanks for your support! we appreciate it!

17:14:10 Doug: Great show–looking fwd to Tuesday nights!

17:14:18 alicebarr: Thanks all Geat job!

17:14:34 sharon_(wow2): great !

17:14:38 alicebarr: !!!!!

17:14:41 Cathy_Evanoff: I am sorry, I will miss Tues night- big volleyball game for my girls

17:14:45 alicebarr: I am here

17:15:10 JL: Alice and Cheryl sound so much alike. I suspect they’re really the same person

17:15:15 JasonR: Great show. Been listening to it while in SL at the Worldbridges Center on Info Island.

17:15:28 SusNyrop_Denmark: I was in the TI chat room and we tried hard to help each other around – but I would prefer to be in a chatroom inside of SL, that owuld be smart!

17:15:35 sharon_(wow2): hey, how cool is that JasonR

17:16:06 dave: that JasonR is very cool

17:16:16 bobs: sisters!

17:16:35 cheryloakes_wow2: sure Bob, that is in another life

17:16:53 cheryloakes_wow2: jason, it was on in SL? so cool

17:17:51 Cathy_Evanoff: How interesting- the state is trusting you to do your job without testing the students!

17:18:21 paradox66: Is it the blog feed?

17:18:24 cheryloakes_wow2: Cathy, there r so many projects we see evidence

17:18:48 Cathy_Evanoff: Wish NC would get on board

17:19:50 JL: In case anyone’s interested, skypecast is at: https://skypecasts.skype.com/skypecasts/skypecast/detailed.html?id_talk=45147

17:19:50 cheryloakes_wow2: hey bob going sl

17:20:09 bobs: nah… got eat dinner in rl… family

17:20:28 cheryloakes_wow2: see ya @ school

17:20:30 bobs: hard to leave this great post show!

17:20:33 bobs: lol

17:20:40 cheryloakes_wow2: thanks for coming

17:20:48 cheryloakes_wow2: power to the students!

17:21:25 JL: if you can unmute ‘worldbridges’, we have a special program announcement

17:21:27 Cathy_Evanoff: Oh what school is that – I want to use that info

17:21:50 cheryloakes_wow2: Alice teachs in Yarmouth < ME

17:22:17 Cathy_Evanoff: laptops for kindergarten and first grade??

17:22:38 cheryloakes_wow2: OH, Jen, which school has 1st and Ki laptops.

17:22:44 alicebarr: laptops grades 7 -11

17:23:01 alicebarr: k – 6 are still in labs with laptops for teachers

17:23:24 SusNyrop_Denmark: 38 minutes sharp!

17:23:29 Cathy_Evanoff: sure

17:24:31 paradox66: i think i will go get some coffee

17:24:33 bobs: thanks again all! have a great night!

17:24:49 cheryloakes_wow2: thanks to all for coming.

17:25:26 JasonR: cheryl…yeah, we are streaming all kinds of Worldbridges and EdTechTalk content into Second Life at our Center on Info Island. Working on the Sky Cinema right now. 🙂

17:26:20 sharon_(wow2): I have to move on friends…!

17:26:22 cheryloakes_wow2: Sweet! Then we coudl be in rl and sl

17:26:30 JasonR: Wat do U mean kidz kant type

17:29:17 cheryloakes_wow2: Thanks again, see you all, or as Vicki would say Y’all Tuesday Nov. 7, 2006.

17:29:38 sroseman: Our teachers in 7/8 have devoted 10 minutes of every class to Keyboarding … seemed to be successful

17:30:16 cheryloakes_wow2: Oh, 11/7/06, at 9 PM EST, or 1AM GMT(11/8/06)

17:32:07 alicebarr: Thanks again it was great!

17:32:27 cheryloakes_wow2: thanks alice

17:32:44 paradox66: i am muted

17:32:53 paradox66: i am bengt båvegård

17:33:00 paradox66: from sweden

17:33:19 cheryloakes_wow2: Hello,

17:33:32 alicebarr: must go thanks

17:33:39 cheryloakes_wow2: me too see you

17:33:45 alicebarr: bye

17:35:40 dave: he means with RSS feeds

17:36:12 JenniferW: okay

17:36:13 JenniferW: thanks

17:39:22 sroseman: Thanks all..I have to hand the computer over to hubby

17:40:28 Doug: have to run for a bit — great show all — very well done! Can’t wait for Tuesday nights

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