EdTechTalk#56 – Worldbridges Education Division Meeting


July 23, 2006

Download mp3 (30.5MB, 1:06:30 )

A day of governance. We sat down with some people from the community and discussed where we are going on many issues. If you want to be involved in edtechtalk/educationbridges this’ll be a great show. If you just like to listen and skip to the next track, this might be one to pass on by.


July 23, 2006

Download mp3 (30.5MB, 1:06:30 )

A day of governance. We sat down with some people from the community and discussed where we are going on many issues. If you want to be involved in edtechtalk/educationbridges this’ll be a great show. If you just like to listen and skip to the next track, this might be one to pass on by.

19:06:27 dave-on-air: hi bill

19:06:49 DS: hi all

19:07:02 JL: hey doug

19:07:44 JL: https://skypecasts.skype.com/skypecasts/skypecast/detailed.html?id_talk=20335

19:10:45 billfitzgerald: are other people on the skypecast hearing an echo?

19:10:54 billfitzgerald: or is this just me?

19:11:34 billfitzgerald: I’m logging out, then rejoining

19:11:52 billfitzgerald: I’ll be rejoining in a sec

19:12:33 billfitzgerald: better!

19:17:00 JasonR: Obviously interested in helping out as best I can, especially with virtualbridges.net

19:17:37 cheryloakes: checking chat

19:17:40 DS: what’s the “term of office”?

19:17:44 billfitzgerald: what is the relationship b

19:17:59 billfitzgerald: between discrete sections and governance?

19:18:02 DS: maybe start at three

19:18:41 cheryloakes: how about having co-members who can committ to 6

19:18:53 cheryloakes: that way you have backup

19:20:15 billfitzgerald: how about separating functional responsibilities (tech side)

19:20:23 billfitzgerald: from content responsibilities?

19:20:30 dave-on-air: nice idea

19:22:12 Lee_Ann: Hi Joyce!

19:22:17 joycevalenza: hi

19:23:39 JasonR: Leo Laporte did a nice interview on the Podcast411 that’s germaine… http://podcast411.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=547 …he facilitates the tech of his podcasts, but leaves it to the co-host (Amber McArthur, Steve Gibson, etc.) to do the legwork on scheduling guests and developing content. Interesting.

19:25:16 Lee_Ann: hi bob

19:25:23 JasonR: germane even

19:25:32 Lee_Ann: you can mute me now! thanks

19:25:33 elderbob: Hi, I can hear and I can see the chat room.

19:25:38 dave-on-air: the jackson’s are people too

19:25:48 dave-on-air: lol jason

19:25:58 Lee_Ann: drupal master…that is a good name for it

19:29:42 billfitzgerald: RE: overlap — it also depends on the goal

19:29:50 billfitzgerald: there is a lot to be said for multiple voices

19:29:56 JasonR: Thanks

19:30:48 billfitzgerald: the calculus between content/quality/relevance/timeliness

19:31:32 dave-on-air: hi brad

19:31:35 DS: Hi Brad

19:32:02 Lee_Ann: hi brad

19:32:15 DS: lol

19:33:10 dave-on-air: http://www.edtechtalk.com/wiki/index.php/EdTechTalk:_Where_are_we_going%3F

19:33:17 Brad_Hicks: Hi guys

19:33:41 billfitzgerald: sorry all — need to leave the chat

19:33:50 JasonR: Bye

19:33:53 billfitzgerald: I’ll check the transcript

19:34:00 billfitzgerald: love you all

19:34:06 billfitzgerald: warm fuzzies all around

19:34:18 DS: indeed, look fwd to more wd on drupal ill

19:34:23 DS: Bill

19:35:04 Lee_Ann: yes

19:35:06 Lee_Ann: good

19:35:39 Lee_Ann: I need to go as well…. I will talk to you soon and…

19:35:41 Lee_Ann: Dave

19:35:47 dave-on-air: yes.

19:35:48 Lee_Ann: I won!!No I think we tied.

19:35:59 dave-on-air: cheers

19:36:06 Lee_Ann: Ok.

19:36:22 JasonR: Are there any other places that do what EdTech/Worldbridges does? Are there already models out there? Best practices? In mainstream media too?

19:37:12 JasonR: Do we want to make money?

19:37:17 Brad_Hicks: what about saying that the show isd on the worldbridges network

19:37:37 Brad_Hicks: and then just give the name of the particular show?

19:38:09 Brad_Hicks: yes I think we need to look at some form of advertising to give you guys some ease financially

19:38:31 Brad_Hicks: maybe AAC enhanced podacts with images for advertising

19:39:11 JasonR: Grants?

19:39:11 Brad_Hicks: the rest of the community would not want to see worldbridges fall over if you guys struck financial difficulties

19:39:45 Brad_Hicks: yaeh good idea too dave

19:39:58 DS: webcastathon’s a cool idea

19:40:35 DS: get a donation box going in 2nd Life

19:40:39 elderbob: The PBS model… Jeff and dave will be right back after we listen to this message…

19:41:36 cheryloakes: a thon’s are good, fund raising weekends

19:41:47 JL: http://www.worldbridges.net/domainlist

19:43:06 elderbob: What is the problem with google ads.

19:43:19 DS: lost the skypecast

19:43:38 DS: I’ll fire up the stream…

19:43:44 JL: still lost?

19:44:22 JL: https://skypecasts.skype.com/skypecasts/skypecast/detailed.html?id_talk=20335

19:44:29 JL: try getting back in DS

19:44:41 Brad_Hicks: google searching webcasting does not bring us up anywhere near top of list

19:44:53 JasonR: JL, what about bridgebridges.net? For the structural engineering webcasters? 🙂

19:45:01 elderbob: No, I am talking about GOogle ads, not google placement.

19:45:22 DS: I’m getting weird, “peaks” in the audio on the stream–may be just my computer

19:45:33 elderbob: click through ads related to the content of WorldBridges.

19:45:43 JasonR: My skypecast is creamy smooth, no peaks

19:45:47 Brad_Hicks: merchandise? t-shirts, mugs, y-fronts?

19:46:07 JasonR: You still interested in a logo? Working on some ideas

19:46:16 Brad_Hicks: actually I was thinking of doing a conference session on worldbridges/webcasting here later this year

19:46:36 JasonR: Raises hand

19:46:53 elderbob: No, Brad, but if you have a guest who has a book for sale on Amazon what is wrong with a link that we get .05 cents per each sell of that book due to the google link.

19:48:07 JasonR: afk

19:48:10 cheryloakes: stream is good for me

19:48:18 elderbob: T shirts an coffe mugs lend themselves to the PBS model.

19:48:19 Brad_Hicks: stream is ok for me

19:48:29 elderbob: Stream is fine here.

19:48:44 cheryloakes: an intern can do the tour

19:48:59 JL: good idea

19:49:19 Paul_Ellerman: Not sure if this has been raised, but could we charge for webcasting advice or consulting

19:50:21 cheryloakes: If you can team up with a university or college and give credits us teachers can get reimbursed, so you can generate income.

19:51:08 elderbob: CHeryl, isnt that going to be a problem with finding all the requirements for all the teachers in all the places….

19:51:12 DS: that’s why WB has made it this far

19:51:18 DS: never the content indeed

19:51:54 cheryloakes: Elderbob, I think if a college/university sponsors the class, then it would be good.

19:52:04 elderbob: What about if you turned the content into a book or a CD…would you sell it?

19:52:24 dave-on-air: i might talk to my university about that

19:52:38 elderbob: Cheryl, Im not opposed to it, I just think it would be an enormous task.

19:52:41 JasonR: Or a PDF whitepaper/consulting thingy

19:52:46 cheryloakes: good, I’d take classes for credit.

19:53:01 dave-on-air: we might be able to set something up

19:53:03 dave-on-air: don’t know

19:53:56 JasonR: Might help to publish some research/articles in some professional edtech journals/magazines

19:54:03 elderbob: Does Drupal send out those events?

19:54:15 elderbob: Google seems more subscriber oriented.

19:54:27 cheryloakes: the ical link works for me

19:54:53 cheryloakes: drupl

19:55:51 Brad_Hicks: yeah ical has been working well for me onto my mac from drupal

19:56:54 JasonR: Did you ever find your cape in SL, JL?

19:57:09 JL: not yet jason

19:57:34 Brad_Hicks: also want some help with creating an iTunes RSS feed – maybe a cut and paste that can be altered, as i have still been having the uploading issue in Drupal and have to post my shows in a different location

19:57:48 Brad_Hicks: yeah, yeah

19:58:40 Brad_Hicks: I hva enot had time recently to post to newmedia, but happy to take it on, just wondering about overlap with educationbridges

19:58:48 dave-on-air: k

19:59:48 DS: Jason, the trifecta

19:59:51 Brad_Hicks: there is a guy here who might be strongly into virtualbridges – he is doing research on these environments

20:00:04 Brad_Hicks: from an education perspective

20:00:16 JasonR: I’m all for that, Brad.

20:00:17 cheryloakes: brb

20:00:30 cheryloakes: keep me on mute

20:00:33 JasonR: Would be interested in more info on his research

20:00:46 Brad_Hicks: I will try and get you a link

20:00:57 DS: lol, I love you guys!

20:01:13 JasonR: Thanks

20:01:21 JasonR: Forced donations!

20:01:31 JasonR: 🙂

20:01:49 Paul_Ellerman: Lets experiment and see how it goes?

20:02:02 Paul_Ellerman: See how much it brings in…

20:02:11 DS: paypal includes pay by credit card for those without an account, right?

20:02:20 Lee_Ann: I say blanket account

20:02:22 elderbob: I understand the Paypal donations but what is the I Tunes….

20:02:23 Lee_Ann: one account

20:02:40 Lee_Ann: and it breaks up for all the sites

20:03:05 Lee_Ann: yes

20:03:09 Lee_Ann: good!

20:03:18 Lee_Ann: yes!

20:03:18 DS: iTunes is the RSS for podcasts on the iTunes “network” hosted by Apple

20:03:19 JasonR: Yes, how does the iTunes moola work? Like buying a song?

20:03:30 elderbob: and then what if one section does not meet its obligation….

20:04:06 DS: JR–I think so…

20:04:10 elderbob: and whose income tax does that show up on.

20:04:11 Brad_Hicks: Jason, link to Kim Flintoff – http://dramanite.com/

20:04:48 Paul_Ellerman: Percentage by use?

20:04:53 Paul_Ellerman: Funding Meeting?

20:05:05 Lee_Ann: if they have a donation from someone who has a specific idea for where it goes, it could be directed to that site

20:05:14 Lee_Ann: but otherwise a sort of partnership so tos peak

20:05:19 JasonR: Someday edtechtalk shows could compete for funding during webcastathons. Kind of like community radios. Shows that can meet their obligations remain on the network. Seems to work in radio.

20:05:24 elderbob: And is it really a donation or is it income.

20:05:52 elderbob: Back to your tax status, your 503 status needs to be taken care of

20:06:57 Lee_Ann: is that desirable?

20:06:57 Paul_Ellerman: Do we need an accountant to discuss some of this?

20:07:06 Lee_Ann: yes Pul

20:07:29 elderbob: And taxes, considering the scope of your internationalism….needs to be considered.

20:07:43 elderbob: In this country, even tips can be taxed.

20:08:18 elderbob: I would hate to see Jeff get to the end of the year and the powers that be say all these tips add up to ….and you owe us this much money on this…

20:08:30 JasonR: Can those librarians in SL be put to the task of figuring out resources for non-profitage?

20:09:11 cheryloakes: Hi Alice

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  1. Thanks!
    Sorry I was not at the show on Sunday — Lots of kid parties on Sunday. I’ve got some actions that I’ll work on over the next couple of weeks.

    I’ll be the manager of the elgg.educationbridges.net.

    Looking into 501(c)3 status… Dave — let’s talk.

    Can we arrange a better time for the EdTechTalkers to get together?

    1. edtechtalk meeting.
      I think we can have one of those. It’s a more specific meeting than all of educationbridges anyway. For now, we’ll need you and Arvind, Doug (Lee, depeding on what agreement doug and lee have made) and Jeff and I. That’s cool. As for the 501c3, anytime. I really think it might be the key that we need…

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