EdTechTalk#11 Chat Transcript – August 14, 2005

EdTechTalk#11 Chat Transcript

August 14, 2005

[elderbob] Looks like Im the first.

[WorldbridgesHQ] Hello Elderbob

[WorldbridgesHQ] Show will get going shortly

dennis has joined the chat.

[dennis] Thanks to Rita.

[dennis] The project sounds really exciting.

[dennis] Thanks to you also, Jeff.

[dennis] You do it through system preferences, Jeff.

[WorldbridgesHQ] Is that what they’re called in Mac also

[dennis] Yep.

EdTechTalk#11 Chat Transcript

August 14, 2005

[elderbob] Looks like Im the first.

[WorldbridgesHQ] Hello Elderbob

[WorldbridgesHQ] Show will get going shortly

dennis has joined the chat.

[dennis] Thanks to Rita.

[dennis] The project sounds really exciting.

[dennis] Thanks to you also, Jeff.

[dennis] You do it through system preferences, Jeff.

[WorldbridgesHQ] Is that what they’re called in Mac also

[dennis] Yep.

[dennis] Go there and select “sound.”

[dennis] Yes.

[dennis] You can choose input and output options.

elderbob has left the chat.

[dennis] Where is this open-source software located?

[dennis] He sounded stronger, then weaker and a bit muffled.

elderbob has joined the chat.

[dennis] Hi again, Bob.

[WorldbridgesHQ] ?q=node/57

[dennis] Thanks for the URL.

[dennis] I’ve bookmarked it.

[elderbob] Hello All.

[dennis] Dave sounds clearer now.

[elderbob] Ill send you the info for next week.

[dennis] See this re Queen Street Commons: http://queenstreetcommons.org/

[dennis] Here’s a good introduction to podcasting, Jeff:

[dennis] http://www.wired.com/news/digiwood/0,1412,65237,00.html

[dennis] My pleasure, Jeff.

[dennis] Many thanks for the links on the mainpage, Jeff.

[dennis] Hi, Christina.

[elderbob] Here is another link you may want to look at regarding using telephony viewing the internet.

[elderbob] Andy Carven is creating a group to check it out:http://www.asterisk.org/

christina has joined the chat.

[dennis] Thanks, Bob.

[elderbob] http://www.asterisk.org/

sroseman has joined the chat.

[dennis] Hi, Christina and Sroseman.

[elderbob] Hello Christina….welcome to the chat.

[elderbob] Hi Dennis.

[dennis] Hey, Bob. You all raht?

[christina] Hi cats.

[elderbob] u betcha

[sroseman] hi there..new to podcasting

[dennis] Great!

[sroseman] Jeef..your audio is fading in and out

[sroseman] Jeff

[dennis] I agree–but Christina is loud and clear.

[sroseman] Christina..great

[elderbob] Jeff are you using a stationary mic….or a mouthpiec.

[elderbob] mouthpiece.

[sroseman] Jeff should do a session on Tappedin

[elderbob] I thought that might account for the change in sound.

[dennis] BIG change!

[elderbob] Much louder.

[dennis] F’sure!

[sroseman] perfect

[sroseman] is this audio transcript edited before being uploaded

[dennis] Much more balanced now.

dave has joined the chat.

[dennis] Hi, Dave.

[dave] haha ubuntu make it into the chat room!!!

[dennis] ???

[dave] ubuntu linux

[dennis] Ah.

[dennis] Yes, Christina is somewhat quieter and you’re clearer, Jeff.

[dennis] Dave sounds muffled now. Jeff doesn’t.

Dave_Winet has joined the chat.

[elderbob] Hello, Dave Winet

[Dave_Winet] OK, hi

[dennis] Hi, Dave (W).

[elderbob] Very instructive stuff.

[Dave_Winet] Hi elderbob — nice to see you again — great fun in San Antone at the restaurant — thanks for that.

[elderbob] Lets do it again Dave.

sroseman has left the chat.

[elderbob] I think everyone will go throught similar problems.

[elderbob] and that s really good,, it makes you understand the equipment better.

[elderbob] Hang in there Christina, you wiill learn it.\

[dave] absolutely

sroseman has joined the chat.

[dennis] I I agree, Bob.

[elderbob] I think I would encourage mistakes…otherwise how do you know you got it rightl

[christina] i have faith

[dennis] I HATE the artificially slow type of delivery used in this podcast.

[dave] me too

[christina] it’s intimidating to be so under the radar of understanding so I’m best to listen and just absorb the lingo

[elderbob] I think that is an ESL lesson.

[dave] it sounds like those irritating disks that go with textbooks

[dave] i like this better

[dennis] I agree, Dave/

[dave] replication of the old text is such a huge problem with new tech

[dennis] Is this the ”

[dennis] “Grammar Cop” thing?

[dennis] The second example is somewhat better.

[elderbob] Thats because students are doing video.

[elderbob] THey bypassed audio, and are doing video and using cell phones.

[elderbob] and Ourmedia.

[dennis] I heard some very interesting (and creative) podcasts done in China–but I don’t remember the URL.

[elderbob] and Vodeo.

[Dave_Winet] vodcasts?

[Dave_Winet] myspace.com

[Dave_Winet] My son lives there…

[elderbob] Videocasting.

[elderbob] Social netware….its blogging from msn.

[Dave_Winet] I’m going to do a show on RadioESL.com with students and teachers discussing what works and doesn’t work online.

[dennis] I saw something similar that’s very popular in Brazil.

[elderbob] So this is both?

[elderbob] You may have to explain that a gigabyte is not something a gigamosquito gives you.

[dennis] LOL!

[dave] that is very funny

[elderbob] You are now the leader, Christina.

[dennis] Hear, hear!

[Dave_Winet] Elder: you mean pod/vodcasts, where one could either listen or watch?

[elderbob] The whole effort needs to be more collaborative.

[elderbob] Teachers teaching teachers….students teaching teachers….etc.

[elderbob] Kids are probably our best resource.

sroseman has left the chat.

[dennis] I agree.

[elderbob] What about mentors outside the area.

[Dave_Winet] Jeff — I have to go teach my class now so I can’t really hook in to the skype discussion now. Thanks — I’ll see you all later

[dennis] Outside mentors is a really good idea.

[dave] have fun

Dave_Winet has left the chat.

[dave] teaching on a sunday…

[dennis] Dave W: Check the one-on-one chat before you leave.

[elderbob] and I am also thinking that for a drama teacher or musician, knowing something like Skype and podcastign would be a real asset.

[elderbob] and that communities might form around that.

[dennis] Take care, Dave W.

[elderbob] Kids are the natives.

[elderbob] We are the aliens.

[dennis] F’sure, Bob.

kuttaii has joined the chat.

[dennis] I have to go, unfortunately.

[kuttaii] hi

[elderbob] See ya Dennis.

[dennis] I hate to. This has been fascinating.

[dave] hi kuttaii

[dennis] Take care, Bob.

[kuttaii] hai dave

[dennis] Bah-bah.

[dennis] Thanks, Jeff and Dave.

[dave] see ya later

dennis has left the chat.

[elderbob] Regarding space…the old P2P idea of Nodes and sharing…..will be a future use type of thing.]

[elderbob] Sharing space….

[elderbob] Networking space.

[elderbob] yes.

[elderbob] Schools would be ideal for this.

[kuttaii] dave r u a teacher?

[elderbob] You could do even lower threshold with a cell phone and an audioblog account.,

[elderbob] Yes.

[elderbob] Great Background.

kuttaii has left the chat.

thegirlontech has joined the chat.

[dave] hi girl!

[dave] can you give me the link again…

[thegirlontech] Hello there

[dave] elarp.com?

[elderbob] belarc.com

[elderbob] audacity.com

[elderbob] network….network…..network….

[dave] belarc isn’t going to install on this linux box

[elderbob] The s peakers sound is going in and outl.

[dave] or at least, i don’t think it will

[dave] nope… windows only

[elderbob] Im not a linux person, Dave, so I am not sure what to tell you, in terms of equivalent.

[dave] windoze… gr…

[elderbob] Libsyn.com is really nice too.

[dave] elderbob… where are you anyway…

[elderbob] Im just outside of Dallas, Texas.

[elderbob] USA.

sroseman has joined the chat.

[christina] are you a teacher elderbob

[elderbob] I am also an independent Adult instructor..

[elderbob] Most classes at Knowplace.ca

[elderbob] In Canada.

[elderbob] elderbob@elderbob.com….am always available.

[elderbob] Its also a cool way for independent musicians to get there works out into the public arena.

[WorldbridgesHQ] http://educasters.net/

[dave] cool

[sroseman] give the students a project at the 7 and 8 level..and let the students run with it..

[elderbob] If you prowl around Steven Downs home page, you will find a huge list of educational podcasters

[dave] there are very very many links on that page

[elderbob] Too many, but its Steven

[WorldbridgesHQ] http://geektalklive.com/

[elderbob] I dont have enough ears to listen to listen to them all.

[sroseman] ipodcasting can meet many of today’s educational standards and benchmarks

[sroseman] http://educational.blogs.com/instructional_technology_/2004/10/podcasting_for_.html

[elderbob] Some schools are talking about using podcasting as a means of communicating with parents.

[elderbob] A parent can download and keep their kids performance from school.

[elderbob] Say a concert or poetry reading or spelling bee, or….or….

[sroseman] have the students write a radio play on a particular topic

[dave] i tried to set that up last year

[dave] the apathy was deafening

[elderbob] Great idea sroseman, do they then produce the play.

[dave] the parents were always ‘just about to get around to it’

[dave] and then your left with social justice issues

[elderbob] Dave, maybe you should seek out some examples of other kids doing the same thing, and see if that wows your class.

[dave] i wasn’t teaching… it’s a school of 200

[WorldbridgesHQ] http://theeducationalmac.blogspot.com/

[dave] i was setting up their system

[elderbob] and also, sometimes apathy cloaks fear of using the net, because of lack of skill.

[dave] true…

[elderbob] Christina, Join us on Sunday mornings at tappedin.org for the Sunday webhead session….every sunday.

[elderbob] Noon, GMT>

[elderbob] Thats the importance of the networks.

[elderbob] I appreciate your honesty.

[elderbob] Great Idea….

[elderbob] give them a list of podcast they can listen too.

[WorldbridgesHQ] Which podcasts would you put on that list?

[elderbob] I think you are not going to know all of that until you decide what sites to use….put together a lowcost list and a best choice l

[elderbob] Then hope for something in between.

[elderbob] Or even better, let the kids find out what it costs

[elderbob] Make it a collaborative effort

[elderbob] Letl the parents pitch in too….makes it more of a community.

[sroseman] classroom news…

[elderbob] No, but you can take their information and use it for your purpose.

[sroseman] is there a local tech firm that wishes to get involved

[elderbob] Some kids may already even be doing podcast, and if not now, then probably soon.

[sroseman] we have Nortel

[dave] that’s me… christina lives across town

[elderbob] Did you mention ipodder, Jeff?

[elderbob] Great way to hear lots of podcasts.

[elderbob] It would be a good resource for a beginning teacher.

[elderbob] Great show today…good luck to Christina and all others that are planning to follow up.l

[christina] thanks

[elderbob] Jennifer , I really appreciated hearing fromj you…

[elderbob] bye all.

[elderbob] elderbob@elderbob.com….I love to help.

[elderbob] Awesomestuff.

[sroseman] cool

[thegirlontech] girlontech@gmail.com

[elderbob] Now I gotta go sift through all this information.

[sroseman] love the song..

[sroseman] nice way to introduce your podcasting lesson in the classroom

[thegirlontech] My talk with the fourth graders is available at my site at http://www.girlontech.com

[thegirlontech] It’s Episode 8 of the Girl on Tech

[sroseman] thanks

sroseman has left the chat.

thegirlontech has left the chat.

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