Remembering Bob

Bob Sprankle Bob Sprankle died on December 8, 2015   The world has lost a great teacher, friend, and human being.  The Edtech community has lost one of its pioneering practitioners and  EdTechtalk has lost one of its early kindred spirits  Having touched so many lives in so many wonderful ways and having produced so much engaging digital content, Bob leaves a tremendous legacy behind – online and off.  He will be greatly missed and remembered with genuine affection by all those who knew him.  

TTT#471 Webcast Remembering Bob Sprankle

Chat Log

Below are places to check out some of what he produced online along with sources of remembrances.


EdTech Weekly Chat Log

EdTechWeekly#49 Chat Log
October 14, 2007

18:35:22  arthus ->  Hey Jeff… so when is it starting?
18:36:26  jeff ->  7pm
18:38:10  arthus ->  no audio?
18:39:05  JenM ->  thank you … jeff is working on it after you mentioned it …
18:39:32  arthus ->  I heard Jen for a sec
18:39:47  arthus ->  allright.. audio is back
18:39:55  arthus ->  audio is fine for me
18:40:01  arthus ->  good level

EdTech Talk#1, Part 2 – June 5, 2005

Ed Tech Talk#1, part2
Worldbridges meets the Webheads

Download mp3 file (20.4MB, 44:41)

Shortly after we finished webcasting the first part of EdTech Talk#1 Buthaina, a ‘Webhead’, skyped me. Webheads are a group of educators that have been playing with online interactivity for quite a while. She let me know that a bunch of webheads were planning to tune in at the top of the hour, so the webcast stream was re-activated and then the real interactive fun (and challenges) began.

Webhead Links

Thanks very much to all the webheads who participated (or at least tried to participate) in the show. We are very much looking forward to future collaborative adventures in webcasting.