The Edublog Awards 2006 – Best, Bright, Beautiful from edublogs in 2006

Edublog Awards (EdTechTalk#75) 

Sunday, 9amEST/1400GMT
(global times)

EdTechTalk will once again be webcasting the Annual Edublog Awards Ceremony. Josie Frasier will be guiding us through the ceremony and Dave will be  presenting his ‘Top 10 News Events of the Edublog Year’ again.   We’ll be using a Skypecast to speak with nominees during the ceremony and simulcasting on TalkShoe for those who would rather ‘phone it in’.  More info about the Edublog Awards at

Ed Tech Talk #61 – No interview with Steve Dembo

Ed Tech Talk round table

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We had a very interesting impromptu webcast. Bud Hunt, Eric Langhorst, Cathy Evans, Jen, Kathy Schrock, jeff lebow and a few other folks all showed up and shared some of their ideas about education, writing, DOPA, blackboard and a bunch of other interesting issues.

EdTechTalk #60 – An Interview with Terry Anderson

Terry Anderson – Athabasca University

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Terry Anderson, Professor and Canada Research Chair in Distance Education at Athabasca University dropped by tonight. We talked about distance ed, his time ‘back on the land’. We talked about where education might be going… and we talked about athabasca’s new EDD program starting (maybe) next year.. Besides being an all round big wig in education (see link above) Terry is involved in all kinds of educational projects, including an appearance at the upcomming Curverider conference. I had a great time.

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EdTechTalk #59 – Finding a voice for our community

Finding a voice for Edublog/ EdTech community

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We discuss who we are as a ‘Educational Technology’ community and how we can get our community’s message spread to a wider audience. A quick look at a few different wikipedia entries for ed tech will show you how silent the community has been… With the recent discussions about DOPA and Blackboard, that community voice is more important than ever.

Some Wikipedia Links

Education Portal

Online Learning

E Learning

E Learning 2.0

Educational Technology

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