EdTechTalk #28 – An interview with Bob Sprankle and Bud The Teacher



Voices from the Field
Bob and Bud talk about edtech actually working in the classroom
December 4, 2005



Voices from the Field
Bob and Bud talk about edtech actually working in the classroom
December 4, 2005

[scott] Hi Bob 
[bob_sprankle] hi scott! 
[bob_sprankle] is this scott lockman? 
[JeffLebow] Hey Guys 
[scott] yes, it is 
[bob_sprankle] great to meet you, scott! 
Bud has joined the chat. 
[Bud] you’re big brother, huh? 
[scott] likewise, I’m looking forward to hearing yours and Bud’s conversation 
[scott] turn your radios down, 😉 
dave-on-air has joined the chat. 
bobsprankle has joined the chat. 
[scott] what kind of Mac is Jeff Michigan using for webcasts? 
[dave-on-air] a bigger one 
BarbaraGanley has joined the chat. 
[dave-on-air] hi barbara 
[scott] hi Barbara 
[Bud] hi, Barbara 
[Bud] hello to you, too Scott 
[BarbaraGanley] Hi, Everyone–looking forward to the show 
[scott] Hey Bud 
[BarbaraGanley] Bummer–I left my headset at the office, so I’ll have to ask my questions from here 
[dave-on-air] no worries 
RickRo has joined the chat. 
[dave-on-air] i’ve got your back… 
[dave-on-air] geeks!!! 
mknee has joined the chat. 
[Bud] yeah – geek. What can you do? 
bobsprankle has left the chat. 
bob_sprankle has left the chat. 
[BarbaraGanley] How have the podcasts contributed to their reading/writing skills, Bob? 
[dave-on-air] did that answer your Q. barb…? 
[BarbaraGanley] Yes, thanks. Another question for Bob: Are other teachers following suit and using podcasting in your school? 
[scott] It is neet to think about how Bob’s students will move on in their education and demand bloging/podcasting in the future. 
[dave-on-air] hate to be their next teacher 
[BarbaraGanley] I agree on both pts. 
[BarbaraGanley] It’s tough on kids (even my college students) who want to continue classroom blogging & podcasting! 
[dave-on-air] yeah… waddaya mean you want me to hand in a paper 
[mknee] Bob’s kids will need teachers who are willing to be lead by kids 
[Bud] that’s hard — but you’re right 
[BarbaraGanley] which is the challenge facing all of us–to bring fellow teachers along with us 
[mknee] it’s a mind set change for some but others it is the only way 
[BarbaraGanley] Bud, I love the wiki! 
[Bud] thanks, Barbara 
[mknee] when kids start asking for new tech in the classroom, the teachers have a hard time saying no 
[BarbaraGanley] not necessarily on the college level–teachers hand onto their ways of doing things 
[BarbaraGanley] I mean, hang onto.. 
[mknee] right – I was speaking from my elem. school point of view 
leeb has joined the chat. 
[mknee] there is a real purpose for doing their work 
[mknee] and a responsibility to their audience 
[BarbaraGanley] Great question, dave about MSN language 
[BarbaraGanley] yikes, i dialed in–two different talks? 
[dave-on-air] is someone in the teleconference listening to the webcast? 
[leeb] It may not lose anything if the students are required but the requirements of what is blogged is less restricted 
[Bud] leeb — i don’t quite get you — can you restate 
[leeb] nothing is lost when a student is required to come to school…. but how you conduct the class can set up for something lost 
[leeb] oh groovin’ 
[leeb] If you restrict the direction of the blog too much, it may decrease its value.. 
[Bud] got it — you’re right 
[leeb] Sort of like cutting off a teachable moment. 
[Bud] I can’t direct it too much or it gets olst 
[scott] The audio from Jeff sounds fine on the stream 
[dave-on-air] oh really? 
[leeb] Yes.. and the challenge to the teacher is to be able to introduce a thought stream that excites them into the dirction you wish
[leeb] them to go. 
[dave-on-air] well… that was very entertaining 
[Bud] hmm 
[dave-on-air] i wonder where the show went 
[Bud] anyone there? 
[dave-on-air] i’m here 
[scott] twilight zone 
[Bud] what happened 
[Bud] ? 
[dave-on-air] stream is still up 
[Bud] but not the call? 
[leeb] I can hear both of them 
[dave-on-air] just going to have to wait for Jeff. L. to return 
[Bud] weird 
[dave-on-air] he’s hosting the webconference 
[Bud] i see 
[JeffLebow] Sorry folks – now we know why they call it Skype Beta 
[JeffLebow] Just crashed 
[dave-on-air] so. nice weather we’re having today 
[JeffLebow] Will re-establish communications momentarily 
[Bud] it’s cold here — but snow on the ground 
[mknee] the sounds of silence 
[dave-on-air] still no snow here, strangely 
[dave-on-air] considering we’re half way to the arctic 
[scott] this text chat thing is so 2003 
[dave-on-air] scott… do you ever sleep? 
[dave-on-air] or do you have a double in every times zone 
[Bud] that is odd 
[Bud] i don’t think he sleeps — but people used to say that about me, too 
[leeb] yes eeerie 
[leeb] I can’t live without my audio. 
[dave-on-air] the silence is quite heavy 
[Barbar_Ganley] it does bring home the power of the talk 
[leeb] I think it could be described as 2 dimensional… 
[leeb] flat not 3d 
[scott] as someone said yesterday, this is why we need the Vulcan Mind Meld brought back 
[dave-on-air] we’re back on 
[leeb] yes 
[leeb] and virtual meetings would be to beam us to a locaiton….wishful thinking but who knows 
[scott] 😉 
[scott] It is all Dave’s fault! ;> 
[dave-on-air] yes 
[dave-on-air] i agree 
[mknee] yes – collaborate with me 
elderbob has joined the chat. 
[mknee] and my kids would want to tell you about their activ 
[mknee] ites 
[elderbob] What a distinguished group here this morning. 
[dave-on-air] thanks bob… i’ve been working on my hair all morning… 
[leeb] Bee’s students asked my 8th graders if they would be willing to tudor them in English. 
[elderbob] and Dave, you have never looked more lovely. 
[leeb] We had a meeting on Alado with Andy Pincon coordinating 5 classes about Christmas Traditions. 
[leeb] Yes, your hair is divine! 
[dave-on-air] thank you kindly 
coakes has joined the chat. 
[dave-on-air] :p 
[bobsprankle] hey, cheryl! 
[coakes] There may be a chance for Bob’s kids to train some High School students in Yarmouth, ME, we are looking into that. 
[Bud] cool 
[dave-on-air] indeed 
[Barbar_Ganley] remarkable 
[mknee] hi cheryl 
[coakes] Hi, Marie 
[Barbar_Ganley] how about teaching my college students? 
[elderbob] or my adult students. 
[coakes] We could would the bus be expensive? 
[Barbar_Ganley] how about the blog bus? 
[elderbob] We are all Bozos on this Blog Bus. 
[coakes] it sounds like a song, bouncing along the blog bus. 
[dave-on-air] the blogs on the bus goes… 
[scott] He can’t get his head through the faculty room door ever since the New York Times article 
[scott] 😉 
[leeb] Where is that class on the web? 
[Bud] mine, lee? 
[leeb] I also do all put everything they need to do on the website but would like to see how others are setting thiers up? 
[Bud] it’s a moodle course — not open to the public right now 
[dave-on-air] feel free to jump in barbara! 
[Bud] but send me an e-mail and I’ll let you in 
[leeb] Oh… I am starting to transfer my class site to a moodle now as well. 
[coakes] i called and can hear on my phone 
[Barbar_Ganley] will do 
[JeffLebow] great 
[coakes] now if i comment … how? 
[leeb] I used Dreamweaver last year and so far this year blogger but I am anxious to get the moodle going now. 
[mknee] I think it is less about the technology and more about the teaching philosophy -engaging kids 
[mknee] it is multi-leveled 
[coakes] i got it 
[bobsprankle] hello maria! 
[mknee] hi there 
[dave-on-air] i think until academics start doing real work online… start blogging for real, the university professors will not really 
[dave-on-air] get the blogging going 
[dave-on-air] for their students 
[Barbar_Ganley] i agree–it’s just getting going now 
[Barbar_Ganley] there’s the tenure fear, too 
[dave-on-air] publish or perish 
[Barbar_Ganley] yup 
[elderbob] IS that fear of academic freedom in the upper levels. 
[elderbob] Still too m uch sage on the stage…..? 
[Barbar_Ganley] that too 
[leeb] In my class, Comp Tech.. learning how to use the computer and do assignments becomes the topic.. questions answered. 
[Barbar_Ganley] very little time goes into teaching college teachers how to learn and how to teach 
[leeb] they like blog for help from each other and not have to come to me and wait for me to get to their answers. 
susanvg has joined the chat. 
[coakes] barb, i remember in college my program had to spend time in local schools and trying out new things have your students reach out 
[coakes] to the community 
[dave-on-air] hi susan 
[susanvg] Hi – my first time here 
[Barbar_Ganley] yes, I do have my students work with fifth-graders 
[dave-on-air] are you listening to the stream? 
[Barbar_Ganley] it’s an incredibly powerful connection 
[Bud] hi, susan — nice to “meet” you 
[coakes] that will help push the technology, with the students having conversations 
[Bud] in real-time, that is 
[leeb] Hello Susan 
[dave-on-air] susan – do you have the stream going? 
[dave-on-air] (just making sure) 
[susanvg] yes – I’m listening 
[scott] could some of the panelists mention how blogging/podcasts used for reflection has affected their views and practice on teaching? 
[dave-on-air] great 
[Bud] good question, scott — I hope we get there 
[dave-on-air] i love backchannels… 
[scott] baby got back-channels 
[leeb] absolutely 
[mknee] a literature show 
[leeb] skype in 
[leeb] I would as well 
[leeb] A k-12 version of this show 
[susanvg] book talk show 
[mknee] or a “where in the world “show 
[Barbar_Ganley] current events show 
[leeb] Most things at school are smart filtered but not Skype 
[leeb] at my school that is 
[mknee] barbara – what’s that site again 
[leeb] think.com 
[Barbar_Ganley] which? 
[mknee] for sharing work at the elem level 
[coakes] a good way to blog with k-12 students is think.com, a closed website. the kids were so engaged , wrote ore and loved to look for 
[coakes] comments from their fans 
[susanvg] Most of us cannot get to conferences very often – I feel as if I can have the benefit of a conference any time I want 
[scott] good answers, thanks everyone 
[coakes] this is great! thanks 
[mknee] thanks cheryl – that’s the site 
[Barbar_Ganley] thanks for a fabulous show–and for letting me interrupt away on the teleconference 😀 
[Bud] Barbara — it was an honor to get to speak with you 
[Bud] keep on doing the wonderful things that you do 
[leeb] Thanks for being here Barb 
[Barbar_Ganley] you guys are doing something really important–all of you! 
[bobsprankle] Thanks to everyone, and Scott, so happy your podcasts have returned! 
[mknee] this learning community is so important to me – thanks to all 
Barbar_Ganley has left the chat. 
[scott] This time does not work for the folks in Asia, other than we insomniacs! 
[scott] thx, Bob 
[dave-on-air] cheers scott… 
[scott] Do you dream in text or mp3? 
[dave-on-air] electric sheep baby, i’m old school 
[leeb] I think in part it is personality type….or different types of intelligences… 
[leeb] I havealways done that automatically BUT I have trouble focusing on one thing!!! 🙂 
[leeb] Its called scattered from one point of view and yet it is perfect for doing all these things at once. 
[leeb] And given a positive tag or name/ 
[mknee] I’d love for my kids to get out into the world 
[elderbob] I’m still working on it. 
[scott] how about radio plays? 
[mknee] sharing art perhaps and book talks 
[leeb] ok, and the radio show is rss of course which the kids get automatically on their feed? 
[scott] who will do the sound effects? 
[leeb] Then they can respond to the show on the radio’s blog… 
[elderbob] I’m still working on it. 
[leeb] I once played banjo for NPR … it was a radio show called “song jumping in my mouth” 
[leeb] My banjo represented the spider on the show…. 
[elderbob] Lee Ann? 
[leeb] Yep 
[elderbob] the banjo gave you away…. 
[leeb] What? 
[leeb] Doesn’t everybody play banjo? 😮 
[leeb] Yes thats what I think as well 
[elderbob] If everyone played banjo, there would be no need for audio 
[leeb] True. 
susanvg has left the chat. 
[leeb] You mean a virtual or real 
[elderbob] Its all Shakespeare. 
[leeb] Thanks everyone… thank you for being here… 
[leeb] See you all later. 
[elderbob] It was a great chat…I got a ton of good ideas…. 
[Bud] thanks to everyone in the chatroom — y’all are wicked smart 
[elderbob] bye all.

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