EdTechTalk#49, part2 – with guests Wesley Fryer & Miguel Guhlin

EdTechTalk#49, Part 2

June 11, 2006

Guests: Miguel Guhlin & Wesley Fryer

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Chat Transcript

In part#2 of our discussion with Miguel Guhlin and Wesley Fryer we get our guests thoughts on webcasting itself as well as practical steps edtech practitioners can take to effect positive change. In a record setting post-show, the EdTeechTalk gang gives rapid birth to yet another member of the family – NewMediaTeaching.Net

EdTechTalk#20 – Disccussion with Stephen Downes & Will Richardson

EdTechTalk #20 – part 1

October 16, 2005

Guests: Stephen Downes & Will Richardson

Part 1 (11.4MB, 50:03)

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 The first part of our conversation with these two leaders in the field of educational technology. The discussion includes life before web2.0 and the paths each took to get where they are, copyright issues of digital content, politics of edtech, the use of tablet pc’s, professional development, differences between U.S. & Canadian educational systems, & lots more