EdTechTalk#72 – Discussion with Stephen Downes and Mike King of IBM


November 27, 2006

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A conversation between Stephen Downes and Michael King.

Topics discussed included:
  •  IBM as a consulting company – what that means
  •  IBM’s attitude toward open source – how does it view other players – Sun, Novell
  •  The IBM patent portfolio – does IBM risk being a patent troll – the SCO lawsuit – progress
  •  IBM in e-learning specifically – Lotus, Domino – still in the game?
  •  IBM and the Blackboard patent – company position – message?
  •  Toward the development of open educational resources? Tools – services – product?

Women of Web2.0.4 – Discussion with Patsy Lanclos

Women of Web2.0

November 21, 2006

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This show features a guest interview with Patsy Lanclos. Sharon was under the weather but Vicki, Cheryl and Jen were in the webcast. Thanks to Patsy for her great comments and vision.  Enjoy!

Next Tuesday a live webcast, you will listen to at 9 PM as a podcast. Enjoy our live report coming to you From Christa McAulliffe Technology Conference, Nashua, NH.